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  • What your agent needs to tell you about appraisals…

    What Buyers and Sellers Need To Know About the Appraisal Gap It’s economy 101 – when supply is low and demand is high, prices naturally rise. That’s what’s happening in today’s housing market. Home prices are appreciating at near-historic rates,

  • Is education important? It sure is when buying a home!

    The Truths Young Homebuyers Need To Hear For many young or first-time homebuyers, purchasing a home can feel intimidating. A recent survey shows some homebuyers ages 25 to 40 may be unsure about the homebuying process and what they can

  • NOT a bubble!

    A Look at Home Price Appreciation Through 2025 Home prices have increased significantly over the last year, which in turn has grown the net worth of homeowners. Appreciation and home equity are directly linked – as the value of a

  • So, why do I need a Realtor®?

    The Right Expert Will Guide You Through This Unprecedented Market In a normal market, it’s good to have an experienced guide coaching you through the process of buying or selling a home. That person can advise you on important things

  • What has changed for you in the last year?

    I know the answer for most of us…everything!  Homeownership is no different than anything else. But, what has changed regarding your housing needs? Is it a bigger kitchen? Better garage space? Room for a garden? There are as many different