22 January 2007

Why do you need to hire a local Tooele Realtor?...

Why do you need to hire a Local Tooele Realtor?  Where do I start?

I just completed an article for the Transcript Bulletin on the advantages to listing your home with a local Realtor,  and it occurred to me that I need to have the same conversation with my home buyers.

 While talking to a potential client last week out in Stansbury Park, I was asked a question, and it's a good one. With 80% of buyers these days searching for their new home on the internet, how important is an actual agent?  Well, to me the answer is an obvious VERY IMPORTANT! The internet has both simplified and complicated the house searching process. On the one hand, it's now easy to see all of the properties that would fit you from the comfort of your own home. On the other hand, if you search the MLS for 3 bed 2 bath homes in Tooele County right now, you'll find 59 homes that match that criteria. The selections of 3 Bedroom ramblers in Stansbury Park or 2 Story w/ acreage in Grantsville UT would find someone driving all over the area.

 In a market where great homes are selling fast, you  you can find the right circumstance.  Looking at so many overpriced homes is a waste of time,  you'll find that your dream home, with a very motivated seller may be just around the corner, but it may be gone before you have a chance to go see it. 

We have been helping a client the last couple of weeks who likes to drive around and look at the homes for sale based on signs. She's probably found a dozen Stansbury homes that she liked the looks of. Most of them have already gone under contract by the time she finds them. Or there was something that didn't fit her needs. On the other hand, when she called us and told us what she was looking for, Berna knew about one that would be perfect for her, and she now has it under contract.

  A local agent will know his market much better than most buyers. 

You might then ask, "Well, why not just call the agent on the sign?" In fact, you can. But, here is one of my major pet peeves. If you do that, and they show it to you and you fall in love with it, who will represent you in the purchase? The listing agent will. But, he will actually be representing both parties. Not the ideal situation for either of you, although it can be a great deal for the agent! 

You are entitled to have someone who is absolutely on your side in the deal, someone looking out for ONLY your interests. You may buy as many as 4 or 5 homes in your life. Your agent will probably have done it hundreds of times in his career. So why not have an experienced pro in your corner. Especially (here's the best part) when it costs you nothing! It's true!  Most of the time, it's the seller that pays those commissions, not you! I can't think of a good reason not to use a Realtor to help you find your home, can you? By the way, that 80% number I talked about earlier only tells half the story. Of that 80%, 86% of them still use their own Realtor!

If you would like to see whats available, give me a call @ 435-840-5029, or stop by my website, click on Tooele Homes and check out the inventory available in Stansbury Park, Tooele Grantsville or any where else in Tooele County you have an Interest.

When you call, ask me why do you need to hire a local Tooele Realtor.

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