20 February 2007

My Tooele Home - is Now a Good Time To Sell?

Spring is in the air! And I am thinking of my Tooele Home-is now a good time to sell?

This is the time of year folks start looking for all of those changes you hear about. Changing jobs. Changing schools. Changing habits. This should be the perfect time to sell my house in Tooele.

Or at least I thought so until Monday morning when i checked all of the Tooele Homes For Sale. Looks lika a lot of competition out there.

In any event, we are coming up on the most active 4 months in the Real Estate business.

For some reason, the end of February marks the start of house hunting season.

As we were doing some research for the market report we send out to our clients, it became very apparent that Utah in general and Tooele County in particular are still smoking hot! Days on the market are still low. Homes are still selling for close to list price. and just so you are aware, average list price this year over last is up nearly 50K in Tooele County! I was at a conference in Denver last week, and heard from an economist from the National Association of Realtors that if he were buying anywhere right now, it would be in Utah, because of the appreciation we've been seeing, and the stability of the market here, relative to our neighboring states as well as the rest of the country.

So the answer is an unqualified YES! It's a great time to sell. If you have a home that would sell between 150k and 200k, be ready to move quick because that price range is gold right now, with very little competition. Strangely enough, it's a great time to buy as well. With the low interest rates we are seeing and should continue to see, it's a great time to get in the game and start earning some of that appreciation for yourself! 

To compare what other Tooele Homes are listed for, stop by Tooele Homes For Sale and see the hundreds of houses and condos in  the County, or call us @ 435-840-5029.

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