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30 April 2007
Do I need a Realtor To Buy New Construction?
I am often asked , do I need a REALTOR to buy New Construction ? Having spent the first ten years of my career selling homes for a builder, and the last three years representing buyers of new homes, I feel uniquely qualified to talk about a subject near Read More...
24 April 2007
UAR Holds Meeting In Tooele County MSP.
Last Friday, the Utah Association of Realtors held their quarterly Board of Directors meeting here in Tooele County at the Miller Motorsports Park. They try to spread their meetings around the State, and this was the first time for Tooele County. The Read More...
23 April 2007
Your Rights As a Tooele Home Buyer
Do you know your rights as a Tooele Home Buyer ? Getting a loan for your Tooele home purchase can be a confusing thing. Unfortunately, this confusion can make a buyer ripe for the picking by unscrupulous lenders, appraisers, and, yes, real estate agents Read More...
16 April 2007
Real Estate Trends: Always on the Change
If you know anything about the real estate business it is that changes happen from time to time. These changes are called real estate trends. When you notice a real estate trend it is safe to say that it is not just affecting you, but is doing the same Read More...
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10 April 2007
Tooele County Easter Egg hunt!
Saturday morning was the annual Tooele County Chamber of Commerce Easter egg hunt at Deseret Peak. I'm sure most of you know that, because it seems that all of Tooele County was there! My wife Berna Sloan was the organizing committee Chair, and she Read More...
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10 April 2007
Four Factors That Affect Your Offer Price On a Tooele Home
Four Factors That Affect Your Offer Price When you have found a Tooele home you like, one you could see yourself living in for a while, the next step is to make an offer on the home. You might be tempted to make an offer somewhat lower than the seller’s Read More...
02 April 2007
Thoughts on Picking The Right Real Estate Agent in Tooele
It must be spring! Last weeks storm aside, the air is warmer, lawns are turning green, and For Sale signs are blooming on houses all over Tooele County. This is the time of year that people’s thoughts turn to moving! Maybe you’re one of them. Read More...