02 April 2007

Thoughts on Picking The Right Real Estate Agent in Tooele

It must be spring! Last weeks storm aside, the air is warmer, lawns are turning green, and For Sale signs are blooming on houses all over Tooele County.  This is the time of year that people’s thoughts turn to moving! Maybe you’re one of them.

 I’ve written in past weeks about the pros and cons of using a Realtor, versus selling on your own. Let’s assume you’ve chosen to use a Realtor. How do you select the right one for you? There are nearly 200 members of the Tooele County Board of Realtors, plus at least 9000 more just over the hill in Salt Lake. Tough choice, huh? Most of them are members of the same MLS, so how do you choose? The answer is the same as it’s always been: service. Plus, and this is a BIG plus in today's market.  Do they Know the territory.?

 Just like you did when you were shopping for your home, shop for your agent! Talk to friends that have moved recently, neighbors, relatives. Ask them about their agent and the experience they had. Interview several Realtors. Ask them what they will do for you, ask them what sets them apart. Ask them why you should hire them. Log on to their website. Is it a good tool for buyers looking to buy a home in Tooele, Stansbury Park or Grantsville UT? If you are selling your Tooele Home, can it do a good job of highlighting your listing on the MLS and across the web?

Here are a couple of things that a Realtor should be able to provide you.

  • Are they willing to advise you on what your home’s worth, or do they just list it where you want it? You could do that yourself!
  • They should be able to provide you with a fairly accurate idea of what it should sell for in a reasonable time.
  • Will they be around to “service” your listing?
  • Will the flyer boxes stay full ( a pet peeve of mine…).
  • If vacant, will they keep the yard up (or shovel the drive and walk)? This can be tough if you use an agent from out of the area.
  • What will they do to market your home, to set it apart?

 With over 80% of buyers searching the internet for their home, does your agent have a good website, with lots of traffic? Finally, is your agent available to you when you need them?

 I heard a great saying the other day. “Good Realtors get lots of phone calls, Great Realtors RETURN lots of phone calls! Simply dropping a sign in the yard and posting your home on the MLS won’t get it in this day and age. Find a Realtor that has a comprehensive marketing plan, and your home will sell quickly, and for the right price. Tooele Real Estate is still OK. It's just a bit slow. Picking the right Realtor can speed up the process and make the experience easy comfortable, and even fun!

If  you haven't made your decision yet, visit my website at Tooele Homes, If you like what you see, give me a call at 435-840-5031.I have more thoughts on picking the right Real Estate agent in Tooele.

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