24 April 2007

UAR Holds Meeting In Tooele County MSP.

Last Friday, the Utah Association of Realtors held their quarterly Board of Directors meeting here in Tooele County at the Miller Motorsports Park. They try to spread their meetings around the State, and this was the first time for Tooele County.

 The reason I bring this up, is that we had an opportunity to spend some time driving the go carts on the beautiful new facility they have. I've spent many pleasant hours watching and participating in events on the full size road course, but never took the opportunity to walk across the lot and see the cart track. These are not your old fashioned amusement park carts. I was kind of laughing to myself as they put us in full driving suits, neck braces, gloves and helmets. I found fairly quickly that this was a good idea. These carts are capable of speeds well in excess of 50 mph! They have designed the track similar to the full scale course, with several different configurations. At any rate, they are great fun, and you wont be bored! Several drivers spun off of the course, which was fine, because there is very little to run into! All of them came back in out of breath and with huge smiles on their faces. I've been a fan of the Sportspark since it was announced, and now it's even worse.

 My son's been hasseling me to take him out there, and now I have another excuse, as if I needed one. In addition, they have a museum full of classic sports and race cars, a Fanzz type store, and meeting facilities.

 On a related subject, I've been hearing some of the people complaining about the park, and the noise and traffic, as well as Larry H. Miller's "plan" to bring a Nascar Nextel Cup race to Tooele County. I'm not a mind reader, but I know a bit about racing. I can tell you that in my opinion, it won't happen in the foreseeable future, for many reasons. First and foremost is a Cup calender that is full to the brim with races, 36 weeks in all. No one else will be giving up their date for Larry, even if he were inclined. Tracks are suing Nascar to get races because they won't go to their tracks. Secondly, while the track would be great for stock cars, there is nowhere near enough seating capacity. They would have to install somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 times the current spectator seats to match what other tracks offer.

 I just spent a weekend at the race at Phoenix International Raceway, and I can tell you from first hand experience, that this area in general, and the Miller Motorsports Park specifically are not ready for the circus that is Nascar Nextel Cup, nor do I think they ever will be. It's all about money, and this facility can't generate enough to feed the Nascar monster. As a fan and a local, I'm perfectly happy with the series we already have here, and the potential benefits having a world class facility like this gives us. The television exposure we have received and continue to receive will pay real dividends to us in the years to come. I hope you take the opportunity to visit this first class addition to Tooele County. It's something to be proud of!   

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