04 June 2007

Why pay a Real Estate Commission In Tooele?

I'm often asked, "why pay a Real Estate Commission in Tooele"?

There's been a ton of press lately about sellers "rebelling" against the high commmision cost of using a Realtor to sell their home. Some of it is accurate, but, as usual, there's more to any story.

 I've written about Realtor value in the past, but I thought it might be helpful to get a bit more specific about what a good Realtor can bring to the party. This is, of course a partial list, but here are some good ones

 Advertising :  The agent pays for this.BEFORE he makes a cent off of your sale.

 Contract Writing:   How many contracts does the average seller ever do? An experienced Realtor has probably done hundreds.

 Financial Know How:  Your Realtor knows of many different options to finance a purchase.

 Schedule Showings:   Do you really want to do this?

 Keep Your Financial Interest Paramount :   This is job # 1!

Laws:   A top Realtor stays on top of Real Estate laws, and how they can affect you.

 MLS Access:   Still the best way to get your home "out there" to the other 15,000+ agents that can get your home sold.

 Negotiations:   Like contracts, your Realtor can handle this murky area.

 Qualified Buyers:   Making sure that your time is not wasted by showing to "looky-loos".

 Proper Pricing:   Your Realtor can not only suggest where you should price your home, but why, based on real numbers, not emotion.

 Details:  Taking care of all of the details of a very complicated transaction.

Offers, Counter-Offers, Addendums, inspections, Appraisals, Title Work, Zoning, Financing....Technology,  With 86% of buyers looking online before looking at homes in person, a Realtor should have all of the latest online marketing tools to show your home at it's best.   Are you set up for that?

Experience and Wisdom:   What homes are selling and why. How to make your home the most "desirable" home in the area. Studies have continued to show that a vast majority of sellers are satified with using a Realtor, and plan on doing so again. If it was only the money, this would not be the case. Finally, as to the money issue, as I've said before, while you may think that you'll save commission money selling on your own, studies also show that sellers that list with a Realtor sell for an average of 16% more than those that sell on their own. Plus they have to do all the stuff I just listed on their own.

It's no different than hiring a good lawyer, a good plumber or any other professional. Buying and selling homes is the biggest transaction you'll ever have. It's worth it to hire a pro.

If you don't have a REALTOR call us @ 435-840-5029, we have other reasons to share about "why you should pay a Real Estate Commission".

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