25 June 2007

Boy, am I glad it's Monday!

I need to get back to work to recover from the weekend!

This weekend, 2 of my favorite events happened to land on Tooele County at the same time. Namely, the Tooele Arts Festival, and the AMA Superbike races at Miller Motorsports park.

 My weekend actually started Friday morning, as Berna & I took our son , Jeremy down to the track to look at the motorcycles, and watch practice. Mostly, Jeremy wanted a look at Michael Jordan, who owns a team. He was nowhere to be seen, but it was a lot of fun to watch people zipping around the track at up to 170 mph, as long as I didn't have to do it!   We then spent the afternoon and evening wandering through the Arts Festival, looking at amazing artwork, listening to great music, and saying hello to friends. Oh, and eating way too much!   I'm not much for art, but good music, beautiful weather, and incredible food make for a great time!

Saturday morning saw us starting the whole thing over again, as we worked a Chamber of Commerce info booth at the track. We met people from all over, including a great older couple that had ridden their Harley through all of the desert heat from LA, just to watch the races. Still no sign of Michael Jordan... In addition to the races, there were a ton of venders and exhibitions taking place in the midway, helping to take our minds off of the 100 degree heat.

 The main event of the day was watching the Superbikes race. I thought watching riders run the track at speed was impressive, but it was nothing like watching 26 riders doing it together, inches apart. I think the thousands of fans in attendence agreed. Then it was back to the Arts Festival for more of the same.   No Michael Jordan, but we did see Thurl Bailey, who was there to sing. By the end of the evening, I was sure I'd never need to go back, but I did manage to make it back Sunday afternoon to watch the Saliva Sisters perform. The Arts Festival is a great event with venders from all over the country, and some wonderful food and entertainment.

 I ended the weekend by watching the Sunday motorcycle races from the comfort of my recliner ( gotta love TiVo!).   I was happily surprised to notice during the national broadcast, that they are no longer sayng the track is in Salt Lake City. Both riders and commentators mentioned often how much they were enjoying Tooele, and they don't butcher the name anymore either! The track is truly starting to put us on the map. I was told my many visitors that it's a world class facility.

 I hope the powers that be will take notice of this opportunity! Thousands of visitors, a national TV audience, all seeing our amazing County..... We need to create the amenities that will keep their money in Tooele County, rather than taking it to Salt Lake! All in all, a great weekend.

 Now to rest up for the next one!

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