July 2007 - Posts

26 July 2007
Looking for work? Try Tooele County!
Read an article on KPCW today that said Money Magazine rates Tooele County as tops for those looking for a job. Apparently, this is because of all the companies locating facilities in the County, specifically the Industrial Depot. I recently had the opportunity Read More...
16 July 2007
NASCAR comes to Tooele County!
This past weekend saw stock cars racing on the outer course at Miller Motorsports park in Tooele Utah. Imagine that! Now, before you all go running for your TiVo's, or write me a nasty letter explaining to me that Nascar was in Chicago yesterday, Read More...
06 July 2007
Tooele County 2nd quarter sales stats
I've been saying that the Tooele County Real Estate market is "interesting" to say the least, and our 2nd quarter stats continue to show that. Let's jump straight to the numbers. Actual sales are down over 19%, with 65 less homes sold Read More...