20 January 2008

Downtown Tooele Has Real Help On The Way !!

Helps on its way for the downtown business district in Tooele Utah. It's called Russ Hammond.

I was reading the Tooele Transcript online early this morning & came across the article by guest columnist Ann Herron. Ann asks the question in her story, "do downtown businesses want our business?" She then answers her own question by stating some good examples of why it looks like they really don't.

After about 3 paragraphs I was getting pretty discouraged, when I noticed that a new chairman had been selected for the downtown alliance. "Rusty Hammond". I think I know him, and I want to tell Ms. Herron not to worry. If this is the same "Rusty" Hammond that bought a new house from us in Cedarwood Estates a few years ago, some changes WILL be made.

If this is the same "Rusty" I know, he's home right now dusting off his Superman Cape, preparing to take on apathy along Main street. He'll be putting on his "Rusty far out Idea hat" and getting ready to rescue anyone that cares about downtown to listen.

Rusty is a marvelous guy, dedicated, hardworking and very creative.

Ms Herrons hopes for new energy and leadership in the downtown revitalization effort, has hit the jackpot.

Lets all give "Rusty" a hand.

P.S. If this Is not the same "Rusty" I know, then this new guy has some huge shoes to fill: don't you think? And I'm leaving town.!!!

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