24 January 2008

Stansbury Park, New Homes, $100 Moves you In.

Fieldstone, the "BIG HOME, SMALL PRICE" folks  advertised 1/12/08 in the Tribune that you could move into a New Home in any one of their 11 subdivisions along the Wasatch Front for $100.00. That included homes in Stansbury Park @ Stansbury Place, and in Tooele @ Copper Canyon.

I noticed they are offering about 6 floor plans in the Tooele/Stansbury market. Prices start at about $204,900 for a 1702 sq. ft. rambler, and move up to a 3528 Sq. Ft. two story for $264,900.Thats an incredible $75.09 a square foot. Those are basic prices on a brand new home, and the standard features aren't bad.

Personally I would take square footage over upgrades every time. You can always ad pergo floors, or upgraded cabinets when you want.. It's not so easy to ad size when you need it

If your looking for a new home, want to save money, and have not seen how easy and fast you can get to work from Stansbury Park/Tooele to anywhere in the north end of the SL valley then you need to give us a call.

We can help you find a lot of sq. ft. for your money, and introduce you to a rural lifestyle many families thought was lost forever.

Plan to take the tour with us. Visit Historic Benson Grist Mill, Deseret Peaks Complex, and for speed lovers the new Larry H. Miller Motor Speedway.

Fieldstone isn't the only new home builder in the area, we just liked this promotion. We can introduce you to 5 or 6 additional builders, if you would like to shop around.

Speaking of shopping around, visit our website at New Homes to understand why it's important that you contact your agent before you ever walk into a model home. YOU NEED FREE REPRESENTATION. You need someone looking out for you. Negotiating the purchase of new homes is our business.

We'd love to help you through the process. Give us a call 435-840-5029.

Thanks for being here, and considering moving into a new home in Stansbury Park for $100.00.

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