15 February 2008

Erda Real Estate, or Whats In a Name ?

I wanted to talk to you about Real Estate in general, and Homes for sale in Erda specifically. I wanted to know if you thought  more homes would sell if we changed the name.

We all know what Shakespeare thought, as in "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet". But I'm not so sure. There is something very unsophisticated about owning a house on Palmer Road in Erda Utah.

Judging from the homes on the market, and houses that have sold this year in Erda  we may need some sophistication. Since only one home has closed and none are under contract in Erda during the first 45 days of 2008, we may need a name change.

There are 11 homes, (or in many cases ranchettes) for sale today in Erda. Prices range from about $260 thousand to $800 thousand dollars. They range from manufactured/modular homes on an acre of land to beautiful horse properties of 5 acres or more.

 The home sold we mentioned earlier was on Tanglewood, and sold for $625 thousand. No houses are presently under contract, and no homes are owned by banks, or facing foreclosure.    A problem ?

The answer? Simple.... Back to the future. In 1853 when Erda was settled, it was called "ROSE SPRINGS". What a beautiful (and sophisticated) name). The Railroad changed the name a few years later. Probably because it fit on a crossing sign better.  Lets change it back. How does this sound as an ad?  BEAUTIFUL HORSE PROPERTY JUST 27 MILES FROM SALT LAKE CITY, 1464 COUNTRY LANE, ROSE SPRINGS,UTAH $799,900.   Problem solved.

To see all of the "Rose Springs" listings, visit our  MLS site Tooele Homes for Sale. (under Erda). For additional Real Estate Information click on Tooele Real Estate or call us @ 435-840-5029.

Thanks for being here and thanks for playing Whats in a name with Erda Real Estate?

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