21 February 2008

Grantsville Home Owners, You can buy a lot for $820K

I don't mean Grantsville home owners can buy an $820,000 dollar lot. I mean folks in Grantsville can buy a lot of stuff with the taxpayer money that has been spent foolishly pursuing the Industrial Depot lawsuit. Stuff that helps the city, the business community, and Grantsville homeowners. Eight hundred and forty thousand can go a long way to help prepare the city for responsable growth and future economic development. 

I don't want to rehash the lawsuit. The attorneys have done that and the courts have done that and to be honest about it, no matter how right a few folks in Grantsville (and their attorneys) think they are. It's over, and the only ones that stand to win are the same ones that have already won.  The attorneys.!!!!   As usual !!! It was over about $400 thousand dollars ago.  How foolish is that?

But wait, it gets more foolish, Tooele City has been forced to spend over 1 million dollars and thousands of hours defending itself. Do you think they could have found a place for that money. They also had to hire a Salt Lake attorney. 

Just like Grantsville, with the exception of a few lunches most of those fees went over the mountain. They didn't make house payments in Tooele County, didn't pay taxes here, didn't buy groceries or lawnmowers or gasoline, or girl scout cookies, or go to the local movies.  They didn't do anything to benefit the citizens of the two largest cities in Tooele County. Almost 2 million dollars and nothing to show for it.

Two million dollars would buy lots. (of stuff). Stuff like land for parks, easements for future projects, it could pay for a  tremendous economic feasibility study or master plan to better prepare for the counties future. Two million dollars could fund job training and career guidance for the young people of the community, making them an attractive work force as Tooele and Grantsville worked jointly to promote the relocation of businesses to the Depot. Just a part of the 2 million dollars could be used to generate and fund a campaign to attract, and sponsor new business to the depot.

The possibilities are endless, and the money stays right here in Grantsville and Tooele where it belongs. Where it can grow something. Something like kids, and jobs and homes, and families.

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Good luck, see you next week when maybe we can interest you in a $820,000 lot.

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