23 February 2008

Stansbury Park New Homes.. No Down ? No Problem !

Thats what it said in Saturdays At Home in Utah. Salt Lakes Ivory Homes claimed "No Down,? No Problem !" about six exceptional quick move ins. New homes for sale that are ready to go in Stansbury Park., That got my attention.

I couldn't wait to read the fine print, and expose for all of my home buying pals, an attempt by an ad agency, or the builder or an overzealous sales manager to attract potential home buyers with some shady representation that when carefully analyzed is only available to one one millionth of the population, and then only for 9 seconds. Oh cynical me.

Boy was I pleasantly surprised. Before you all get excited and start giving me a hard time about carrying the water again for Utah's largest new home builder, I want to remind you that I have come down pretty hard on those in the Real Estate Industry that over promise and under deliver. But fair is fair, and right is right, and this ad is the right way to present the terms of a home loan in the fine print.

OFFER:          TARGHEE, 1285 sq. ft.     $1236.00*  Monthly Payment


*Pmnt. based on 5.626% interest, APR @5.919%,0 down,30 yrs, INCLUDES TAXES & INSURANCE. OAC.

The ad could have read $1100 per month, and included only the principle and interest payment. Most Real Estate ads  in spite of reg Z do just that and it is the job of the buyer to determine where the taxes and insurance are going to come from. AFTER THEY HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH THE HOUSE.

I like this way better, and so should you. I also would take another deductive leap and suggest that a company that discloses everything upfront is probably going to be more pleasant to work with as one gets further along in the home buying process.

In any event, you should have your own representation as you shop for new homes for sale in Stansbury Park. For that matter, as you look at houses any where in Tooele County. To see how that works, how you can have someone in your corner at no cost, stop by our website @ Tooele Homes

. To see a list of homes for sale, both new and lived in, click on Tooele Listings. It's free, and no registration is required.

Thanks for being here, and remember us when you remember Stansbury Park New Homes, No Down  No Problem !

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