11 June 2008

I told you so! Miller Motorsports Park goes big time!

Many of you know that I'm a race junkie. 2 wheels or 4, (do they race unicycles?) I love it!

I said on this blog a year ago that this new state of the art facility would propel Utah in general, and Tooele County specifically into the middle of the world stage.

The Hanspeed World Superbike series came to Tooele County and the Miller Motorsports Park and let me give you some perspective on how big that is.

 Roughly 19 million people watched the Daytona 500 on TV in February. Around 55 million watched the Super Bowl. Nearly 128 MILLION watched the Superbikes!  Miller's doesn't release it's attendance figures, but I was told by an insider yesterday that somewhere between 55 and 60 thousand people attended the races over the weekend! That would make it the biggest crowd at the track to date. Better yet, there is a multi year contract in place so it'll only get bigger as the word gets out.

The local hotels are already booked for next year. The racers raved about the facility, and we are getting noticed! How do I know this for sure? Simple, they are pronouncing "Tooele" correctly on the Speed Channel! I also hear that several car manufacturers are booking the track for releases of major car models.

You owe it to yourself to check out this amazing facility, and beautiful Tooele County as well.

 Tickets won't be this easy to get for long!   

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