19 June 2008

The best day of golf ever!

Let's make this very clear, I'm a lousy golfer.

Like many "type A" personalities, I prefer to excel at everything I do, but am not willing to "waste" the time to become proficient at this particular game. So, when Berna told me that I was participating in the Tooele County Chamber of Commerce golf tournament last week, I nearly threw a hissy fit.

 However, Berna being the brilliant woman she is, had me participate by driving the drink cart!


In any event, the Tooele Chamber tourney is an annual event to help local charities.This year it was the Tooele County Co-op. This is a group of organizations like the homeless shelter, the battered women's shelter, the food closet, and other organizations with needs in Tooele County.

This year we had a record amount of sign ups with 168 golfers paying the $75 entry fee for a great day of golf, fun, donated prizes for everyone and food. It was a huge success, and I'll let you know how much money was raised when they figure out how much they made with all of the mulligans!

By the way, the folks driving the drink cart were incredible! I may have just found my true calling....

It was the best day of Golf... Ever !!

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