19 June 2008

The Real Investment Value Of Homes In Tooele Is Friends and Family !!

The real investment value of homes in Tooele is in quality of life, not in flipping houses or in buying 25 to 30% cheaper than in most parts of the Salt Lake Valley.

Those are OK too, but the real value of living in Tooele, Stansbury Park, or Grantsville, Ut, is in being part of a  rural lifestyle that has almost vanished around the country over the last few years.

The real value is investing in and being a part of a community where you can make a difference and see it in the friendships and associations you make.

Berna and I take great comfort in knowing that when we show up at a Chamber of Commerce meeting, we'll know all of the folks. When we volunteer for a committee, we will have served with the other members before.

When were shopping, the sales clerk knows our name.  When we eat out, the waiter or waitress almost always knows what we order.

The local news is about families that we have a history with, PTA, church get togethers or kids athletic events. Those memories  jump out at us as we put names to faces as we scan the Tribune, bringing memories of friendship, and togetherness. A camaraderie only a small town can provide.

If we take the family to see the Rail Road Museum, in Old Town Tooele ( a real important part of the past) we surely run into one of the kids teachers.

Golfing in Stansbury Park usually finds the ball from my drive in the back yard of someone I've worked with on an election committee , or helped on a petition drive. 

During the Grantsville Rodeo days I am always amazed at the number of kids that Berna went to baby showers for, that are now entering the mutton bustin events .

 The point?.....  No point!!....

 Except to say that we love this place, We love and appreciate our friends and to remind all of you that  the real Investment value of Tooele Real Estate is not in the value of the  homes in Tooele, it's in the value of the community.

The real investment value of homes in Tooele is friends and family.  Ask any one that lives here.


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