21 June 2008

Grantsville Ut, New Homes For Sale Are a Great Buy !!

I'm convinced that some Grantsville Ut, New Homes for sale are A great buy.

A New Home builder sent me a promotional brochure last week with a list of New Homes For Sale around Salt Lake Utah. I get them all the time and usually I will glance at them quickly, see if they match what one of my clients is looking for, and if not , toss it.

This one was different. or at least it caught my attention. Heres why !!

Located next to each other (for easy comparison). was a Rambler in Grantsville and a Rambler in Riverton Utah...... Same square footage, (actually the Grantsville Rambler was 400 sqft bigger) same 3 bedroom, 2 bath stucco W/ brick exterior. Both had huge garages and landscaping. Everything was comparable, except the Grantsville lot was over ONE HALF AN ACRE. !!     Yes I'm screaming.

Cause Grantsville is a screaming deal. How screaming?   ONE HUNDRED SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS !!!

Thats right,  you can buy a new home in Tooele county on a half acre of land for $106,00.00 less than you can in Riverton. 

This is basically what I got on the pamphlet:

Grantsville Utah, Rambler:
     .52 Acre, 3776 Total Sqft, 1930 finished sqft, 3 bdm, 2 bth, monster garage.

     Was $      377,931
     Now  $     273,480

Riverton Utah Rambler:
23 Acre 3371 Total Sqft, 1908 finished sqft, 3bdm, 2 bth, 4 car garage.

     Was .....$   477,528
     Now..... $   379,000

Thats a savings of over ............ $106,000 thousand dollars.

And check this out. .......If you work in downtown Salt Lake, I'll bet you a sarsaparilla you can be home in Grantsville with your feet up on the coffee table before you could be home mowing the lawn in Riverton.

Now is the time. These prices prove it's a buyers market. Interest rate are fantastic, and Rural Housing loans in Tooele county have eliminated the need for large down payments.

Call your favorite New Home Realtor today !  Set up a time to visit some of the available homes for sale in Grantsville Ut.

If you don't have a Realtor, check us out, or give us a call at 435-840-5029.

For a list of all the homes for sale in Grantsville, and Tooele County click on Tooele homes for sale, and get pictures,  prices, maps and the same information as Tooele Realtors get. Its FREE, and no registration is required.

I know this, when you weigh all of the important factors about buying a home, investing in Tooele or relocating to Utah, you will agree, Grantsville Ut, new homes for sale are a great buy !!

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