11 August 2008

Make Your Own Tooele Parade of Homes For Sale:

Better yet, let us help you plan your own personalized parade of homes for sale in Tooele County.

One thing we figured out over the weekend, was that If your looking at horse property In Grantsville, or a four bedroom two story home on a lake, (can you say Stansbury Park) or a new three bedroom rambler for under $250,000. thats close to an auto racing track, You should be parading around Tooele County. Not spending money on gas and tickets and entry fees at the Parade of homes in Salt Lake.

Not that thats not a great event and many people have put their heart and reputation, and MONEY into it. Its just that in today's market it does not make sense.!!!

In today's market, if your looking to buy a new or existing home, there is a smart way to do it, and it doesn't include driving all over the valley to look at homes you wouldn't even enjoy making the payments on the landscaping for.

It takes just 6 EASY steps to create your own personal Parade of homes for Sale. 

STEP 1. Have the family decide just how much house payment is comfortable per month. Of course you want to know if what you can qualify for. If you don't know that then we have a 7Th step. Call us @ 435-840-5029 and we'll put you in touch with someone that can tell you what that amount is with no fuss and no obligation. The point is, it's not important what you can qualify for, whats important is how much you are willing to pay month in and month out for the family home. You can tell how much house that payment can buy you by clicking on the Home Payment Calculator

STEP 2. At that same family meeting, ask the questions about what you want that new home to look like. Will it have 3 bedrooms or four? Do you really want to pay $120 dollars a sq ft for a formal dining room? Do you need room for expansion. Living room or great room? How many bathrooms.?  Number of cars you need to park.? In other words, build that new home in your mind.

STEP 3. The next step is easier in Tooele County than over the mountain because there are less options. That step is determine WHERE you want that home to be. Tooele? Stansbury Park? Grantsville? Erda? You may need to drive around to take a look, ask some friends, talk to a Realtor. Actually since 97% of the homes for sale in Tooele County are within 15 miles of each other, I would combine steps 1 and 3.

STEP 4. Call a Realtor and request a list (including prices and pictures) of all the homes in the areas you have selected that have the features you all agreed you want in the home you buy. Ask them to also send a map.

STEP 5. Load up everyone that is interested and begin your "drive by". Check out each home on your list for things like neighborhood, style, obvious condition, distance to schools or other important places in your families life, fencing, yard size and configuration. Make notes about what you observe, and check the homes you are interested in seeing inside. CAUTION....(A.)    Do not call Realtor that has sign in the yard. ( that agent represents the seller)..... (B.)   If you must visit one that is holding an open house, explain that you will have an agent representing you if you decide to proceed.

STEP 6. Call your Realtor, tell them what homes you are interested in seeing, when you are available to look, and would they please schedule showings on those homes for sale. In other words ask your Realtor to build your own personal Parade of Homes for Sale.

STEP 6A. If you you don't have a Realtor we'd like to apply. And we could start by sending you a list. (see step 1. )  Call us @ 435-840-5029.

To get an Idea of all the homes for sale in Tooele that could make up your parade, visit Tooele Homes. You can access homes in Stansbury Park, Grantsville UT, and Erda as well as Tooele City. It's FREE and will show you pictures, location, prices, maps and almost everything Real Estate Agents use to locate your Ideal house.

Call us today, we'd love to help you make your own Tooele Parade of Homes For Sale.



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