26 August 2008

Tooele Real Estate Tips On Choosing A Realtor !

Choosing a Realtor to work with in Tooele is no easy matter. After all, if you count the over 150 local Realtors,  all the agents from Salt Lake that think they can help you sell a condo or buy a home , and add to that group, all of your friends and relatives that have a license, you have a lot to choose from.

And of course we all have a story to tell, about what we can do to see that your home gets sold. 

So I'm going to give you a tip that can make your choice of the right Realtors to interview, easy, unbiased, and almost foolproof.

This valuable tip is based on three Real Estate facts that are beyond question.


FACT #1...Almost 80% of people looking to buy a new home, begin their search on the Internet.

FACT #2...Study after study tells us that when potential buyers were asked what the number one item they looked for in pulling up listings was.......The answer was,  PICTURES !!! ..........Photos and more Photos !!!

FACT #3...The more exposure your home has the greater your negotiating leverage, the sooner it sells, and the higher the price you'll receive. 

Potential Buyers put more weight on the number and completeness of the pictures of a home listed for sale than they do on ... Price... Location...or...Ammenities !!

You might say "sure pictures are nice, but they don't sell the house" And you'd be correct, but most good agents don't sell the house either. Good agents match product with people.

Good agents see that your house gets sold in the least amount of time, at the best possible price, with the least possible inconvenience to you.

So... Here are mini tips..

Before considering a Realtor.:

1.   Make sure the agent has a web site. (Almost 80% of home buyers start searching on the net).

2.   Make sure the web site has "reach". (It's easily found by search engines and buyers)

3.   Check out the number and quality of pictures of your home that will be traveling the net, showing and telling Home Buyers about your house/condo( Remember, Photos, Photos, and more Photos).

OK.... so it wasn't a great tip. Or at least you didn't think it was, but it's the truth, and if you use these tips to help choose your Tooele Realtor to sell your Tooele Home, you wont go wrong.



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