28 August 2008

Real Good News About The Economy From Utah!!

Finally, Real good economic news about a lot of things, coming from Utah.

At least coming from a Utah authority, and  Guru, about Real Estate, Finances, Interest Rates, Job Growth and just about anything having to do with money and whats going to happen to it.

Corie, on her Salt Lake Real Estate blog  published an introduction and link to Jeff Thredgolds newsletter "Tea Leaves, The Guide To Understanding Today's Economy"  for her clients, and I thought it was a very good Idea.

In today's environment, where every thing in our Industry seems to be doom and gloom, IE: homes are difficult to sell, home mortgages hard to pay, and for home buyers looking for mortgage money, harder to get. Jeff takes a novel approach.

Twice a year, "TEA LEAVES" deals only with economic "GOOD NEWS".

This issue actually lists 46 items that are absolutely good news. You'll be surprised, I was. And I am almost twice a year. (when Jeff publishes his good news issue).

Some positive economic news has to do with....

The rise of house hold incomes.

How we stack up on charitable donations.

House Hold income on the rise?

Rate of Home Ownership in the U.S.

You can go directly to Jeff's newsletter by clicking on Tea Leaves. You'll get a sense of why he was such a popular Utah resource for so many years.

I know you'll enjoy this issue, and I would encourage you to subscribe, it's good stuff..Just remember, it's real good news about the economy from Utah.

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