06 December 2008

Have I mentioned how much I love living in Tooele County?

It's probably been a while since I mentioned how much I love living in Tooele County.

 Where else can you do all the things you can do here ....... in a single day?.

Berna was the Chair for the annual Chamber of Commerce Santa Parade this year, and as usual, it went perfectly. My job is to line up the entrys in order at the start. I get that job because I enjoy all of the heads of the girls dance groups yelling at me about each others music so much.

The weather was beautiful, especially compared with last years blizzard. We then served cookies and hot chocolate to nearly 300 VERY patient kids, from Stansbury Park, Erda & Grantsville as they waited to sit on Santa's lap.

My favorite family had three kids from age 4 to 8, all of whom brought a list. All 3 of them seem to think they "need" a Blackberry Touchscreen. One of them thought their mom might need one too.

The kids were great. Many of the parents, not so much. Oh well.

 After that, we got to go down to heaven on earth; Miller MotorSports Park. For a donation of a can of food, you could take 5 laps around the east course in your own car behind the pace car. Berna decided that today was the day to try it. Many others did too. She loved it, as I knew she would. She might have loved it more if I hadn't just put the snow tires on my car, and the guy in the new Dodge Challenger hadn't driven like such a granny.

We then had an extended session on the go cart track.

All in all, a great day!...... Is it any wonder I love living in Tooele County?

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