18 May 2009


Yes !!! Utah Homes could stand a change in price, design, size, efficiency, and a host of other alterations. I don't think the following post from "bring a blog" is on the horizon however.

Can you imagine one of these 2 story homes being built in Bountiful, in Davis County?  How about a condo project for housing around BYU in Utah County?  (well maybe).

In any event when I read this, I thought you could have some real fun thinking about where in Utah this new home concept would turn up first.

Shipping containers can be used to make homesMore than 18 million freight containers make 200 million trips per year, moving the world's goods from port-to-port.  It's system that's been in place for 50 years.

But ever since a California architect used the containers to build the world's first Uniform Building Code-compliant 2-story home, the boxes have been on the fringe of the Green Home Movement.

Look at these few examples container-based housing from around the world:

Shipping containers are popular among architects because they're cheap, plentiful, and easily shaped into designs. They're popular among consumers for their small eco-footprint.

They'll likely never replace traditional building materials, but shipping container homes should become more commonplace over the next decade.

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