16 March 2011

So much fun, it should be illegal!

How many times have you heard the saying, "so much fun, it should be illegal"? I must admit, I used it more when I was younger. However, I'm starting to use it again. Here's why.

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Miller Motorsports Park here in Tooele County. Sitting right in the middle of the triangle created by Tooele, Stansbury Park and Grantsville, MMP is the home of the longest natural road course in North America. It's a great facility to watch some of the best in sports car and motorcycle racing anywhere.

But, what if just watching isn't good enough? Ever get the urge to take the family mini-van out for some "hot laps"? MMP just came out with their "Wide Open Wednesdays" schedule for the year. This is a program they started last year, obviously with great success. What is it? 

Having put over 1000 miles on the track in my own car over the years, obviously I love the unlimited laps for $25 part. But, there's so much more. For 5 bucks more, you can combine the laps with unlimited runs on an autocross course to really test your skill. Or just do the autocross for $10 bucks!

If the thoughts of that adrenaline rush don't work for you, how about 10 laps on the world class go cart track for $10? These are not the carts you drive at the county fair. These are much faster, like 45 to 50 mph on a dedicated pro level course. I've seen carts on this track traveling well over 70mph. Now, that's a rush, and you can't beat the price.

If your tastes run more to the off-road, bring your 4x4 and test it on the 7acre high speed or rock crawl course. Or you can take a ride in MMP's specially prepared Jeep Rubicon with an instructor. This one scares me much more than the speed of the big course!

There's an incredible car museum and tours of the whole facility as well. MMP is determined to show the world what an incredible facility they have, and I'm all for taking advantage! For the cost of taking the family to the movie's you can try something new that you'll never forget. Like I've been saying, so much fun, it should be illegal. Come to think of it, outside of Miller MotorSports Park, it would be! See you at "Wide Open Wednesday"!  

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