03 October 2011

Yes, there is a world outside Tooele County...

Life outside Tooele County? From me? Say it ain't so! Well, apparently it's true.

 Berna and I took this weekend to start a new tradition. I've written before about our annual spring "roady". With autumn in the air, we decided to add a second trip. Three couples  left Tooele on Saturday evening on our motorcycles. After a day and a half, seven Counties, and several hundred miles, all three couples returned safely.

We saw some amazing sights on our journey. We traveled through Salt Lake County and up Parley's Canyon. As it was getting a bit late we weren't able to see much of the fall color change, but we did contribute to the economy of Summit County by spending a bit of time (and money) in Park City!

We spent the night at Daniels Summit Lodge outside of Heber City. It's one of B's and my favorite places on earth. The back door of our cabin is no more than 10 feet from the tree line. We've seen all kinds of wildlife there over the years, like elk, deer, moose and my favorite, squirrels.

The highlight of the trip, at least visually, started Sunday morning. We traveled down Provo Canyon in the cool of the morning. What was designed mostly as a long ride, quickly changed to frequent stops for picture taking. Between the fall colors and the sheer beauty of Bridal Veil Falls, we left the canyon with some great pictures.

The actual destination for the trip was the Nebo Loop scenic byway. Berna and I first saw this spot on a spring tour with our local Porsche club and were amazed by the beauty of this area. But we'd never seen it in the fall. With the variety of elevations, the different colors were striking. Greens, yellows, reds, golds, even pink trees line the mountains on both sides of the road.What we'd planned to be around 4 hours of riding quickly became six, as we shot hundreds of great pictures, even some with me in them!

I've said all along that Utah is an amazing place to live. I still think Tooele County is the crown jewel. However, it was well worth the time to get out and see some more of what this beautiful State has to offer.

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