08 September 2014

Tips For Tooele Real Estate Buyers & Sellers

Tips For Tooele Real Estate Buyers & Sellers 

This week I am sending along some tips for my Tooele Real Estate buyers & sellers that may come in handy.

These are all from articles from my friends at Active Rain that I found interesting and could pass on as "good advise". Save them!

You never know when you might need to know how to counter an offer on your house that comes in less than the asking price Maybe it's really about qualifying, or monthly payment and not how much you are asking.

Brian Brady has a suggestion that every good agent should know about & every home seller should understand.

David Saba had an interesting take on why your house isn't selling in his article of the same name.

Laura Foremans tips for first time home buyers is very good advise. I can't tell you how many times last minute (caused by the buyer) things come up that can turn the excitement of buying your first home into a nightmare. I wish I had given this article to my clients!

And finally, Sybil Campbell talks about firing a buyer and why sometimes it makes sense. I include this article as a way for buyers and sellers to do some self analysis. To ask the really hard question. Am I doing things that could make the job of buying or selling real estate more difficult? Sometimes your agent won't tell you. Here is a chance to tell yourself.

I hope you enjoy and benefit from these tips for my Tooele real estate buyers & sellers.


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Try This One Trick When An Offer Comes in Low 
Brian Brady, VA Home Loans/San Diego (San Diego VA Home Loans/858-777-9751)

Assume you have a home listed for $500,000 and you're getting offers under $475,000. You're countering these offers at $485,000 because you're trying to preserve some profit on the sale. You might be focused on the wrong thing. Buyers pay mortgage payments, not price. In this case, the buyer may not want to pay more than $2500 PITI for the home (with 20% down at 4.25%, 30 year fixed, 4.32% APR). She is offering a …



Laura foreman

Relieve the Stress of Your First-Time Buyers with These 5 Tips 
Laura Foreman, Copywriter, Buffini & Company (Referral Maker Real Estate CRM)

For first-time homebuyers, the real estate process can be long and confusing. Many feel that once they’ve found a home and been preapproved for a mortgage, that it is smooth sailing until the transaction closes and they get the keys. However, there are a few things that can occur to complicate the process. As an agent, you’ve probably heard of or been involved in transactions where things went awry at the last minute and the deal …

Sybil Campbell, REALTOR ABR, SFR, SRES   - Amelia Island (Century 21 John T. Ferreira and Son Inc.  500 Centre St. Amelia Island, Fl 32034)
By Sybil Campbell, REALTOR ABR, SFR, SRES - Amelia Island
(Century 21 John T. Ferreira and Son Inc. 500 Centre St. Amelia Island, Fl 32034)
What I learned as s a new agent, sometimes we have to fire buyers.. My first year in real estate, I was working with a buyer who was on a limited budget.  I showed her houses in her price range most of which she didn't like. When we found a house she wanted she made a very low offer which the sel...


There you have them. Tips for Tooele real estate buyers & sellers. These are probably things your agent knows and will pass on to you. If not, then you can do the passing on, and know some helpful questions to ask.

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