20 September 2014

Tips on Buying & Selling Your Tooele Home

Tips For Buying & Selling Your Tooele UT Home:

When it comes time to buy or sell your Tooele home, everyone needs some encouragement,  Sometimes even a refresher course to remind them about simple things that can help make the right decision when were not thinking clearly.

In the heat of the moment so to speak.

The first tip is hire an agent! ( that might be the most important one). Make sure that they are experienced, will work the business full time, and know the area. ( either live there or have sold a number of houses in the neighborhood you are looking to buy in, or where you're listing will be. Do that as soon as you can. The way to start is:

Now that that is out of the way, here are those other tips on buying or selling your Tooele home I was talking about.

 Here are some articles that I read this week that may help you and your agent cover all the bases.

I really liked the idea of selecting 12 house hunting tips that suggests you prioritize a homes features to keep from being swept away by the most charming details of a house you might want to buy. While i am not necessarily a fan of professional home stagers (most experienced agents know what sells) i have included an article about staging empty house to create the necessary warmth an empty house might need.

The other articles deal with selling this time of year and finally we included a piece that can work as a cheat sheet to help analyze listing agent promises. Are they real? And are they practical?

I hope these help and will motivate you to give me a call @ 435-840-5029. I know more tips for buying & selling your Tooele UT home.

12 House-Hunting Tips to Help You Make the Right Choice


In the hunt for the perfect house, it's easy to get swept away by a home's most charming details (a gracious front porch) and play down the important stuff you'll be kicking yourself for later (the price... ... the household. Then choose your top five, or even top three, must-haves. Once you start looking, all sorts of charming features are bound to sway you; keeping your priorities list close at hand can help you stay on track. Transitional Home Office by TerraCotta Properties.

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Selling Your Property: Tips For Listing | Liaison


If you are trying to offer an uninhabited house, consider hiring a professional staging business. This kind of company will certainly come in and make your uninhabited residence resemble a lived in home, bring in even more ...

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Listing in Fall… Myths and Facts. Should I list my home ...


In Part 1 we took a look at the market statistics to judge just how realistic a Fall sale could be. Part 2 will give the tips that close the deal. Here are some tips: #1) Warm homes feel cozy. As cooler weather starts to dominate the Northeast, home ...

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Get Noticed: Signs of a Quality Listing | The FlipKey Blog


You've decided to list your home on FlipKey—great! We want to make sure you get the most out of all of our site features, so we've provided tips on how to create a quality listing that drives bookings.

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I hope these tips on buying & selling your Tooele home have been helpful. When your ready to take the next step you will think about me and the help I can provide.

In the meantime, if I can be of help, give me a call, Berna 435-840-5029.


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