28 September 2014

How to find a Real Estate Agent in Tooele Utah

I hope there are a lot of you asking the question, how to find a Real Estate agent in Tooele UT. I have written a lot about that. I bet I write a lot more. Most of the time I talk to you about the need to look for someone local. I think that is extremely important.

No matter whether your buying or selling your home, agents that know Tooele County are more likely to get top dollar for your house than someone that only drives out to the area for the interview, signs an agreement, leaves and sends a helper out to put the sign in the yard. I believe it is easier to sell a home and a neighborhood when you love that area. Love it enough to live there.

Of course there is more involved than hiring a local agent, and more people than just me that has an opinion on how to find a real estate agent in Tooele Utah. I would like to share these with you.

Pay attention to the article at Bank Rate, "7 tips for picking a real estate agent". It mentioned a tip that I had never encouraged anyone to do.

Check the regulatory body for complaints and disciplinary actions for every agent before you sign an exclusive agreement, or agree to representation.

The piece from Quicken loans was enlightening too. "Stalk your agent online"; search Google for comments regarding agent performance, and Google certain types of homes for sale to see if the prospective agent is visible either negatively or positively on the worlds largest search engine.

The Zillow article points out the importance of being comfortable with the agent you select. (since you will be spending a lot of time together). I think this is a luxury. I would rather find an agent that has experience and uses tools that can minimize the time we spend with each other. Check their website, (check out mine) see how well they have adapted to social media and how much of the transaction they expect to do with you online.


Every tip here talks to finding out what an agent can do for you. Make it be in writing! Make it be a tool you can use to track where you are as you move toward a positive end to your transaction. An example I use is my page "how we sell your home".

So here you go. Help for those wanting to learn how to find a real estate agent in Tooele Utah.

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So, there you have it. Good information about how to find a real estate agent in Tooele Utah. Make no mistake. I want that job! I'd love to see you in person to tell you why I should have it and what I will do to keep it. Call me Berna Sloan 435-840-5029.

Find out more about me and our Company on my website page "about us". To see what I know and what I think about Tooele County, follow my blog Tooele real estate. You will find complete list of homes for sale in Tooele County , recent listings, and tips about buying and selling Tooele property.



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