20 October 2014

Buying Smaller Tooele Homes

Just like the national trend, it looks like we are buying smaller Tooele homes. That's what the Tooele County stats say anyway.

From October of 2009, when the average square footage of a house sold in Tooele Utah was 2,533 sq ft to last October the average size of home purchased out here was down 334 sq.ft. That's about a 13% reduction.

I don't know the reason. Maybe it's a result of the "bubble". Maybe it has to do with more homes being sold as distressed property. Perhaps it indicates that home buyers in Tooele are still being cautious with their housing dollar. During that same period as an example the average price of a home sold in the County dropped 4% from around $200,000 to $192,000.

The final numbers for this year are not in yet, but I do know that about 33% of the homes listed in Tooele County are under 1500 sq.ft.

Maybe when the numbers are in and I finish these articles I will have a better explanation of why folks are buying smaller Tooele homes.

In the meantime, I thought it would help you figure out for yourself what's going on by reading some posts from real estate and mortgage experts that offer opinions about the subject.

It was fun for me. Starting with Taryne Leakeys October article about the "Tiny housing market" where she talks about buying ridiculous tiny houses to a great article about the pros and cons of downsizing the various types of home purchases.

Don't miss the piece about first time home-buyers and retirees in the Firsthome article.

Finally, an excellent article from Builders Magazine that talks about how today's builders are building new homes that are smaller w/ open and multi-functional rooms.

Enjoy and learn. We will probably talk about this again

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Learn anything helpful?

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