14 January 2015

Tooele UT Distressed Property Still a Great Real Estate Play

Looking at Tooele UT distressed property is still a great real estate play. But it's not as easy as it once was


There are fewer and fewer foreclosed houses, HUD Homes & Pre Foreclosures (short sales) show up on our listing pages in Tooele County. And, the price difference between foreclosures and regular listings is not nearly as wide as it was during the last few years.

 It still can be worth the work.

Plus there are 3 things that can make it worth while to look for distressed property in Tooele Utah.

  1. Interest rates are still FANTASTIC.
  2. Lending plans that allow you to include fix ups and repairs in your purchase mortgage
  3. Reduction of Private Mortgage Insurance rates reduce payments considerably

So, here are the most recent listings of distressed properties listed on the MLS.




These links will give you a leg up at finding current homes that could be in trouble. They are active links so the inventory of houses and condos changes daily as houses are sold or listed. Keep it handy.  It's a great tool.

You can see other foreclosures in other areas like Pine Canyon, Stockton UT or Rush Valley by clicking on the Tooele search page and entering the appropriate info.

Buying HUD homes, foreclosures & short sales requires help from an experienced real estate agent. Check me out. I have that experience and am a HUD registered agent, as is our Brokerage, Group1 Real Estate.

I'd love to help you. Call me, Berna Sloan 435-840-5029.

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