17 January 2015

Foreclosures HUD Homes & Short Sales in Tooele County

I have been reading this weekend a lot about Foreclosures & trying to decide what i think about Foreclosures, HUD Homes & Short Sales in Tooele County.

I still don't know what to think.

Around the country the inventory of foreclosed homes and condominiums has slowed to a trickle. However we continue to hear talk of Banks getting ready to unload a ton of "shadow inventory".

Those of you that searched often for foreclosed homes in Tooele County know that there are a lot fewer to choose from now than there was a during the last few years.(in fact, currently in some cities, there are no listings on the MLS).

But..... There are a few, and they are worth looking at from time to time.

With interest rates as low as they are and Tooele home buyers still qualifying for most houses and condos listed in the county I thought it best to continue to bring you information about all of the distressed property in the area.

Here you go.




These are active links, so as listings of foreclosed homes, HUD Homes or short sales are added, sold, or taken off the market, that will be reflected in these links.

If there is an influx of bank owned homes, or we see that lenders are dumping that elusive "shadow home" inventory you can see it right here.

For more information about foreclosures, HUD Homes & short sales in Tooele County, give me a call, see what I can do for you! Berna Sloan 435-840-5029

Good Luck


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