27 March 2015

Tooele Real Estate Stats Dont Match National Numbers

These national stats prove what I've always said. "All real estate is local". Real Estate in Tooele County doesn't reflect all of these national numbers, and the difference could make a BIG difference about buying or selling your Tooele home. Want to know more? Call me, Berna Sloan 435-840-5029.

NAR's Existing Home Sales Report [INFOGRAPHIC]
While much of the nation is reporting an increase in the number of home sales at about 5%, Tooele county actually had a 1% decrease by number of houses sold during the start of the year. The trend is on the upswing though, as February showed.an increase of better than 12%. Even better news for sellers was the price increase of around 20% year by year. These are real numbers unaffected by house size as the cost per sq.ft differential was less than 1%.
Great news for sellers right?
The bad news for Tooele County home sellers is that while price are up, time on the market is not improving like the rest of the country. At this time last year, listings were sitting an average of 79 days. So far this year we only see a 3 day improvement, to 76 days on the market for the average listing.
Want to know exactly what the numbers reveal about the  city or neighborhood you are considering? Call me. Berna 435-840-5029. I can get those for you!
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