30 April 2015

Buying a New Home in Tooele UT? Pick The Right Agent

Buying a new home in Tooele UT? Pick the right agent.

I don't mean the nice person that greets you at the door of the model, and offers to show you around and explain what is standard and what is an upgrade. They are without question very nice. They also know about the features of the new home you are looking at and about the builder that is building homes in the neighborhood.

The problem is, that nice salesperson works for the builder. The job of the onsite sales rep is to present the house to all prospects and to try and get that customer to buy one like it on another lot in the subdivision at a price and terms favorable to "the boss" (the builder).

Nowhere are they expected to negotiate the best "deal" for you. In fact, they may get a bonus if they are able to sell a problem lot, or negotiate the purchase of add-ons and upgrades.

Don't get me wrong, nothing most of these onsite agents do is against the law. and most are great people, but EVERYTHING they do is done looking out for the interest of the contractor..

Unless you have your own agent, no one is looking out for your interests.

That's the bad news! The good news is, you are entitled to your own agent. Someone that works for you, and is all about seeing you get the best buy possible on your new home.

AND,,,,, It's free. That's right, if you register with your agent on your first visit, the builder, in most cases will pay the fee.

To see all of the new homes listed in Tooele County, visit our website. To read what we say on our website about buying new construction, and have a look at these articles written by other agents that cover the subject in depth.


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I hope that this information is helpful, and we have made buying a new home a stress free experience. If you have other questions, give me a call Berna Sloan 435-840-5029. I can help in buying a new home in Tooele UT & pick the right agent.



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