30 April 2015

Buying a New Home in Tooele UT ? Pick The Right Builder

Buying a new homes in Tooele UT?

Pick the right builder.   It's important to know how to pick your home builder. if you are building a house or buying a spec home in Tooele County.. Using the right individuals for your project is critical.  Last January I posted info on some questions that can help you make determine if you should be working with a specific builder or not...

I'm posting some of them again, and hope they are helpful.

Qualifying Tooele UT Home Builders

Below are questions that you can ask builders you are interviewing:

  1. How many years have they been in the home building business?
  2. What do the builders specialize in?
  3. Does the builder have a contractors license through the state?
  4. What individuals will be performing the work? Are they employees or sub-contractors?
  5. Are the builders able to accommodate your deadlines?
  6. Are the builders insured? And if so, what type of insurance?
  7. What similar projects have the builders completed in the past year?
  8. Are there references available? And have any complaints been filed against them?
  9. Do the builders have pictures of previous projects that you can look through?
  10. Are the builders affiliated with any professional associations?

Analyzing the Details Gathered on Tooele UT Home Builders

The information above may provide you with the current status, history, and reputation of the builder. Be sure to verify facts for your own protection. This will help you accurately compare options and select one that is most qualified and meets your expectations. Furthermore, be conscious of your first impressions. Did they appear knowledgeable in various aspects of the business? Did they seem trustworthy? Would you feel comfortable working with the builder? It is important to rely on both the facts and your impressions. After you have identified a builder, there are additional questions to ask for the particular project and contract.

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Subdivisions With New Homes in Tooele Utah

Some of the Tooele Subdivisions  where you can find Spec homes, build new construction or in many cases build to suit.

New Home Builders in Tooele Utah

Here is a partial list of Tooele builders that we have worked with or whose information we would be glad to share with you . Call us at 435-840-5029.

  • Ivory Homes
  • Perry Homes
  • Randy Young Construction
  • Richmond America
  • Home Towne Development
  • Wright Homes
  • Bach Homes

Remember, before contacting any builder, or visiting any new home subdivision, make sure that:

  • you have an agent in place to represent your interest
  • that the builder or builders agent knows and acknowledges that you will be working with your own agent throughout the transaction.

Good luck on buying a new home in Tooele UT. Let me know if I can be of help. Berna Sloan 435-840-5029.



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If you have any questions about Tooele Real Estate or buying a new home in Tooele UT or picking the right builder, give me a call; Berna 435-840-5029.



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