17 May 2015

Pick a Tooele Builder But Not Any Builder

Selecting a Contractor



Selecting a Contractor

What To Ask Before Selecting A Contractor In Tooele UT

Whether you have a newer property or an antique, buying a new home or fixing  one up, there will be an occasion where you may require the help of a contractor to complete repairs. There is information that you can gather to verify that the company you select is competent, has a good work history, and will meet your expectations. This article provides what to ask before selecting a contractor in Tooele UT.

Contractor Expertise

Find out exactly who will be performing the work and confirm that they specialize in the particular field. This will reduce the chances of you being surprised at the appearance of subcontractors when you assumed the primary contractor to be there. Just as you would not hire a landscaper to perform electrical work, it is best to choose contractors with the specific expertise required in your job. Experience generally results in better quality performance.

Licensing and Associations

Confirm that the contractor is licensed to operate in your area. The license indicates that the contractor has fulfilled certain requirements and understands local building codes. Most states have a website that lists contractors, license numbers, and their status.

Some companies may also be members of formal organizations. This provides an additional assurance as most have codes of ethics and a means for customers to file issues. It also signifies an added commitment to quality and accountability as membership is normally optional.

Minimizing Your Liability

Ask whether the contractor has insurance coverage. This reduces your risk of incurring a lawsuit when someone gets injured on your property or cause damage to neighboring properties. All types of work have risk of injury so it is critical to protect yourself as a home owner.

Check References

Always perform the additional due diligence of calling references. If feasible, review samples of past projects too. This allows you to evaluate their workmanship.

What To Ask Before Selecting A Contractor In Tooele UT

It is important to get a sense of who you are inviting into your home to complete a project as in many cases they will be there when you are not. Checking the items listed in the what to ask before selecting a contractor in Tooele UT above may take a little time, but it will also reduce your risk and other problems. This advice is intended only as a generic introduction and must not be taken as legal advice or all-encompassing.

Another tip is to look at homes the builder has built to see if you like the style and curb appeal. Get started by looking at these new Tooele homes built in 2015, to see which builder more closely appeals to you. 

Need more help selecting a contractor to build your Tooele UT home? Give Berna or me a call; 435-840-5029. We know the best builders in Tooele County.

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Now you should know how to pick your builder. If not, were still here. 435-840-5029

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