19 June 2015

It's Getting Easier To Get a Home Loan in Tooele UT

It's getting easier to get a home loan in Tooele UT. Prices are still very attractive, interest rates are at historic lows, and banks and other lenders have eased qualification requirements over the last 12 months.

I have reposted this article in hopes that if you are on the fence, this will spur you on to see what can be done for you now.

Click on the graphics below to see the changes made in mortgage qualification, Fico scores, and what FHA has done to make home buying in Tooele much better than a year ago. x

I tried to post this this morning but am not sure it was picked up. But... It's important enough to try again. 
I get a lot of calls from Tooele folks that want to buy a home but had credit issues last year and were denied a mortgage. Over the last year, FHA has done a lot to remedy that situation. Click on the graphics below and discover that, FICO scores can be less than they needed to be last year, and that there are many more low down payment programs available. (In Tooele UT buyers may qualify for 100% financing with a USDA loan). To prove it, many more loans are being made than 12 months ago. I know how to help you find a home and get a loan! Call me, Berna Sloan 435-840-5029. Let's do this.

Some Highlights: The average FICO score of Approved Conventional Loans was 757 in May The average FICO score of Approved FHA Loans was 688 in May...



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