28 June 2015

Tooele New Home Buyers Need an Agent

Tooele new home buyers need an agent.

Maybe folks buying new construction in Tooele County need representation more than the typical buyer who collects a list of homes they would like to see and then drives around to scheduled appointments looking at homes they might possibly like. In that scenario the agent usually does not have a dog in the fight. They know that all they need do is show you listings and when you find the one that suites you, they will begin to negotiate on your behalf so that you can own that house.

The real estate agent doesn't care what home you buy!

Buying a new house however is entirely different. Particularly if you are buying at a model home staffed by a builders agent. That agent DOES care that you buy that home, (or one of the models @ the project.) The reason is at least twofold.

  1. The agent is working for the builder and is charged with a fiduciary duty to negotiate with the interest of the builder foremost in mind.
  2. The agent does NOT GET PAID unless you are sold one of the builders homes.

Now don't get me wrong. Nothing is going on that is illegal or suspicious. In fact, the builders agent may be the nicest, most helpful and knowledgeable real estate person you have ever worked with. It's just the way the business is set up.

BUT!!! ...............The onsite sales agent is paid to sell that house and paid to negotiate favorable to the builder.

That's why you need your own Tooele agent representing your side of the transaction.

Don't just take my word for it. Here are some articles from other agents that can give you additional insight. Hope they help you save a bunch when buying your new Tooele home or condo. 

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See I told you so!

I hope you now see the value, heck even the necessity to hire your own agent before looking for your new home. If you have, I hope you will consider me and Group1 Real Estate as your representatives.

Need more conversation? Call me, Berna Sloan 435-840-5029. I have more to say about why Tooele new home buyers need an agent.

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