07 September 2015

Should I Buy a New Home or Re-Sale in Tooele UT

"Should I buy a new home or a resale in Tooele UT" is a common question I get from home buyers. It's a hard question to answer without knowing all there is to know about the buyers and their circumstances. Equally tough is not projecting my personal bias into the answer. So................... what I've done is put together a list of posts from some very bright real estate agents around the country that offer their own opinions about what kind of house or condo you should be looking at.

Actually I did not put it together. The hard curation work was done by Kyle Hiscock and shared on Listly. It was so good I wanted to share.

Tips To Help You Decide Whether To Build A New Home Or Buy An Existing Home


Curated by Kyle Hiscock

Build a new home or buy an existing home? This is a fairly common question from home buyer's. There are many PROS and CONS to both new construction and buying an exi...

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Hope this helps any homebuyers that are not sure which way to go. 

My contribution to this article is simple; show you the possible inventory available in Tooele for you to choose from. Here we go!

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