03 February 2016

Racing Towards Jobs in Tooele UT

I started to write a couple of weeks ago about racing towards jobs in Tooele UT, not really understanding how important the negotiations for management of the track and the coming racing season could be for this great community.  Then............................................ I forgot to post it.


But... since auto racing is once again a reality, and the season starts tomorrow, I'm going to let everyone know. Better late than never heh?

Chris is out of town today, but I know if he was in town, he would want something said about  this great article in the Transcript bulletin. It's about what's happening @ the old Miller Motorsports Park & Racing Facility.

I'm going to jump in and say a couple of things before he gets back and stops me from giving some accolades to Shawn Milne and the rest of the Tooele men and women that had a hand in shaping a second chance for the County.

You don't need to be a race fan to understand how important this attraction is to the community. Can we all say JOBS?

But..................................... you should be a fan, and very proud of the leadership that worked tirelessly to make it happen.

It is easy to give up or to take the quick  fix, but that usually only brings short term gains.

Thanks to a handful  of folks with vision, that's not what happened in Tooele.


​Utah Motorsports Campus Is Now Open For Business

Utah Motorsports Campus, formerly known as Miller Motorsports Park, is now open for business.

Preparations for 2016 Racing Season Underway

TOOELE VALLEY, UTAH (February 2, 2016) — The staff of Utah Motorsports Campus has moved into the former Miller Motorsports Park facility to begin operations for the 2016 racing season.

Utah Motorsports Campus is managing the facility on behalf of Tooele County while the procedures to sell the facility take place.

“It’s nice to finally be moving in,” said Willem Geyer, General Manager. “We have an awful lot of work to do to get this facility ready to go racing, but we have a great staff and we’ll get it done. Most of all, we’re just happy to be here and looking forward to putting on a great season of racing for our fans and racers.” (read entire articleGreat job Tooele! 

You are lucky to have such great leadership, and selfless commitment among your City and County officials.

Plus an outstanding partner in Utah Motorsports Campus.


Originally published @ www.tooelehomes4sale.com.



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