March 2016 - Posts

20 March 2016
Last Weeks Real Estate News Tooele UT
Last Weeks Real Estate News Last weeks real estate news from my KCM account had some very interesting posts. I shared them on Facebook w/ my friends looking for info on my website for tips on buying or selling homes in Tooele UT. Most of the stats are Read More...
11 March 2016
Utah Motorsports Campus Starts This Weekend in Tooele
Can you believe it? Utah Motorsports Campus starts this weekend in Tooele. I picked this article off of facebook this morning from Vickie Grifiths wall @ Prudential or whatever it's called. (the wall, not the company). I'm glad she posted it..... Read More...
11 March 2016
Berna Talks Real Estate & Tooele UT
When I say Berna talks real estate & Tooele UT, people might just say I was being redundant, or at least, not saying anything newsworthy. Because, like me anyone that has been close to a Thanksgiving food delivery or a 4th of July pancake flip, Berna Read More...