20 March 2016

Last Weeks Real Estate News Tooele UT

Last Weeks Real Estate News

Last weeks real estate news from my KCM account had some very interesting posts. I shared them on Facebook w/ my friends looking for info on my website for tips on buying or selling homes in Tooele UT.

Most of the stats are national in nature, but can be translated to the local level to assist in the purchase or sale of a house in Tooele UT.

The article about the mortgage process is important as it shows the tremendous advantage Tooele homebuyers have in the down payment department.

While anywhere from 3% to 20% is required in most markets, out here in Tooele County we are one of the few areas that is eligible for 100% financing through a government program offered by USDA.

Since saving money for a down payment is a major concern for first time buyers, (actually any property buyers), this is a tremendous advantage to buy a home just 29 miles from Utah's major city.

The local implication about waiting to buy is worth reading as well. Basically it points out the penalty someone would suffer because of loss of value based on projected appreciation. Since homes in Tooele are appreciating at a greater rate, (and that is expected to continue), you can assume a bigger loss.

The last article about accumulating family wealth by owning property is a great bit of advise for those wondering about how to get ahead, and put money away for later years.

Hope you enjoy these bits of wisdom.



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If you have questions about last weeks real estate news, or want to discuss anything having to do with real estate in Tooele UT, give me a call; Berna Sloan 435-840-5029. I can help.

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