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30 July 2015
Find A New Home in Lake Point UT
If you want to find a new home in Lake Point UT , this is a good place to start. I don't mean just a new home to you, I mean " new construction homes". Homes that are either spec homes for a builder or a house being built. There are 12 of Read More...
09 February 2015
Tooele Homes For Sale w/ Lots of Bedrooms
I get tons of calls from buyers asking to look at Tooele homes for sale w/lots of bedrooms. Lots, can mean different things to different people, so i thought i would show you how to search on your own for houses in Tooele County that have more than 3 Read More...
21 September 2014
Why Buy a New Home in Lake Point UT Tooele County
Why buy a new home in Lake Point UT Tooele County ? Here is one great reason. Almost 4,000 sq ft of rural heaven Rambler on an acre of land. Your land! Closer to Salt Lake City than your neighbors in Stansbury Park & Erda UT , you would live among Read More...