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11 June 2013
Tooele Utah Real Estate Listed For Sale
There is a wide range of Tooele Real Estate listed for sale in the county. You might need some help. As you can imagine, most of the property is located in 4 cities within the County; Tooele City, Stansbury Park , Grantsville UT, and Wendover Utah. Each Read More...
01 December 2011
More than one way to skin a Santa
I'm not very imaginative when it comes to blog topics. My interests are fairly narrow, and my expertise even more so, limited to my town, my family, my profession, politics and anything automotive. Berna won't really let me blog on cars, so I'm Read More...
20 January 2008
Downtown Tooele Has Real Help On The Way !!
Helps on its way for the downtown business district in Tooele Utah . It's called Russ Hammond. I was reading the Tooele Transcript online early this morning & came across the article by guest columnist Ann Herron. Ann asks the question in her Read More...