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20 July 2015
Buying or Selling Tooele Property Hire a Pro
If you are buying or selling Tooele property , hire a pro. And more than that, (I've said this before) hire a local pro. These are some thoughts the crew at KCW shares with me yesterday. I put them on Face Book and now I'm going to post them here. Read More...
22 April 2015
How To List & Sell Your Tooele Home in One Week
How to get your Tooele home listed and sold in a week . ? Hire Berna Sloan. That's how. I brag about Berna & Chris so much that you would think we were related or had worked together for years. Maybe you would think that we had more in common Read More...
28 September 2014
How to find a Real Estate Agent in Tooele Utah
I hope there are a lot of you asking the question, how to find a Real Estate agent in Tooele UT. I have written a lot about that. I bet I write a lot more. Most of the time I talk to you about the need to look for someone local. I think that is extremely Read More...