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17 May 2015
Berna Tells You "why invest in Tooele County UT"
Why invest in Tooele County UT ? Did you guys see what Berna had to say about Tooele Real Estate? Actually about home ownership as a great investment? She did not exactly pooh pooh the article that was touting the monetary benefits, but she pointed out Read More...
28 August 2014
Commercial Real Estate Opportunities in Tooele UT
I am re-posting last weeks article that Chris wrote. It was about the commercial real estate opportunities in Tooele County. I hope all of you that follow my blog, saw it. If not you should! Basically Chris said that what the "Utah business" Read More...
20 August 2014
Tooele Income & Commercial Property Listings
Our website, Tooele Real Estate shows the latest in Tooele income & commercial property listings . It shows them every day. But.... You have to ask for them. They are not on the first page when you log in, like recent homes for sale are. You need Read More...