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21 September 2015
Rising Interest Rates a Concern in Tooele UT
Rising interest rates are a concern in Tooele UT. In fact they are a concern wherever folks are buying or selling houses. If you are buying a home, an increase in the cost of a mortgage can determine what you can qualify for. Thinking of selling? Each Read More...
16 July 2015
Why buy In Tooele County Now
Did you pick this post, "why buy in Tooele County now" up on Face Book this morning? If not, I'm going to try again. It's important. If you think you will be buying a home, or selling the house your in and buying a new one, you need Read More...
21 July 2014
Interest Rates Increase Tooele House Payments
I'm pretty sure that interest rates will increase Tooele house payments this year. The cost of owning Tooele Real Estate is going up. The combination of higher interest rates and proposed price increases are about to make the monthly payment on that Read More...