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05 May 2015
Stansbury Park UT Homes For Sale From $180,000
There are only about 60 Stansbury Park UT homes for sale from $180,000 . Here are a few to give you an idea what your dollar$ will buy in this part of Tooele County. Keep in mind that the average price for a Tooele house is in the $260,000 range. Of the Read More...
30 April 2015
Buying a New Home in Tooele UT ? Pick The Right Builder
Buying a new homes in Tooele UT ? Pick the right builder. It's important to know how to pick your home builder. if you are building a house or buying a spec home in Tooele County .. Using the right individuals for your project is critical. Last January Read More...
23 April 2015
Finding New Homes in Tooele County UT
Finding new homes in Tooele County UT is pretty easy. We offer a website that allows you to search thru each days listings and pick out those photos that are labeled "to be built" or "new construction". Or you can customize your search Read More...