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21 September 2015
Veterans in Tooele UT Can Get 100% Financing
Veterans in Tooele UT can get 100% financing for their new home. I'm surprised that many veterans are not aware of that benefit. You would think that anyone that qualifies to buy a house with no money down would know about it. At least once a month Read More...
28 February 2014
It's Getting Late To File Those Taxes
It's getting late to file those taxes. If your reading this you probably dreading the weekend. No drives with the family. No picnics. In fact no fun stuff at all. It will be a Saturday and Sunday filled with going thru shoe boxes of receipts, and Read More...
26 February 2014
Hey Tooele Peeps Don't Put Off Doing Taxes!
Hey Tooele peeps, don't put off doing taxes until the last minute! When you scurry around at the 11th hour looking for receipts and confirmation of business expenses, trying to remember exactly what you gave to charity, or where you put your gas receipt, Read More...